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Color photographs that are soaked in the specific lake or reservoir water that they represent

Amercan Lake WA E3
Horse Thief Lake OR 1
Veil Lake CA 5
Hills Creek Lake OR 4
Lake Hollywood CA 3
Dexter Lake OR 3
Shasta Lake CA 4
Klamath Lake OR 4
Stone Lagoon CA 2
Fall Creek Lake OR 4
Yuba Lake UT 7
Nacimiento Lake CA 3
Alcova Reservoir WY 2
Wilma Lake CA 1
Fall Creek Lake OR 1
Skinner Reservoir CA 6
Lake Matthews CA 2
Loveland Reservoir CA 2
Lake Selmac OR 1
Lake Casitas CA 3
Indian Tom Lake CA 1
Lake Union WA 4
Dexter Lake OR 7
Yuba Lake CA 3
American Lake WA C8
American Lake WA D5
American Lake WA H4
Big Bear Lake CA A1
Marys Lake MT 2